• Pentecost Baptist Church was established in 1906 at 2118 D’Abadie St. in New Orleans, Louisiana and it was originally named the “Rising Sun Baptist Church.” The first pastor was the Rev. Henry Butler.
  • Rev. Joseph Getridge became the under shepherd of the church upon the passing of Rev. Henry Butler.
  • In the midst of World War II, a request was made during the 1940’s to change the name of the church from the “Rising Sun Baptist Church” to the Pentecost Baptist Church because Japan was known as “The Land of the Rising Son.”
  • As Rev. Getridge’s health began to fail, the First District Baptist Association installed Rev. Robert Peterson as the new pastor of the Pentecost Baptist Church. A position he held until 1964.
  • In 1964, Rev. Charles B. Winslow Jr. was installed as the new overseer and pastor of the church by the First District Baptist Association.
  • Pentecost underwent many structural changes at its D’Abadie location including new pews, internal painting, and a renovated fellowship hall that was attached to the church.
  • In 1979, under Rev. Winslow’s leadership the church purchased a parcel of land located on Harrison Avenue to accommodate the church’s growth and development.
  • April 9, 1995, Pentecost held the ground breaking service at the site of their future edifice.
  • The new edifice was officially dedicated on September 15, 1996 at its present location, 1510 Harrison Avenue. Though grander in its appearance the church remained “The Little Church with a Whole Lot of Fire.”
  • Rev. Winslow was called from labor to reward April 23, 2001.
  • Associate Minister, Rev. Lionel Davis Sr. was elected and installed as the next pastor of the Pentecost Baptist Church on May 22, 2001.
  • Spurred by a tremendous growth in membership, Rev. Davis established an Elderly Ministry, Tuesday Night Christian Discipleship, a Senior Sunday School Class and an Educational Building.
  • Rev. Davis’ vision for a Pentecost Multi-Purpose Center is getting closer to becoming a reality as the need for the church to increase its community involvement has grown as a result of the August 2005 devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
  • The hurricane turned pews upside down, caused mold to grow in the edifice and forced members to live in various parts of the country while their city and beloved Penny lay dormant.
  • Led by Pastor Davis, the church was gutted and restored making it one of the first churches to return to the area.
  • The congregation reopened its doors for service in October 2006 and was paid in full.
  • The church continues to invest in the surrounding community. It recently purchased a vacant lot across the street from the church for additional parking.
  • Pentecost continues to be a church on the move. Recent updates include: new flooring and carpeting, renovated restrooms, and an upgraded video technology department.
  • More recently, the church has removed one of its external buildings once used for educational classes and storage in preparation for bigger and better things happening at our Dear O’ Pentecost.
  • Now 111 years later, Pentecost Baptist Church remains “the little church with a whole lot of fire, where the pastor loves his people.”

Pentecost Baptist Church 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Former Pentecost
Baptist Church

Pentecost Baptist Church
1510 Harrison Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117